Sparcstudio | ‘Garden of Delight’ – The Spa at Pennyhill Park


‘Garden of Delight’ – The Spa at Pennyhill Park

An extensive review of one of the ‘UK’s best spas’ featuring the creation of the stunning new Spa ‘Garden of Delight’…

The creation of a stunning new spa garden, complete with decking to complement the existing outdoor pools, has been an extremely successful investment. With over 20 years’ experience in spa and wellness design, award-winning spa designers Sparcstudio were drafted in to realise the project.

“We worked closely with Danny Pecorelli and the spa team to really enhance the overall spa guest experience.” explains Sparcstudio’s Beverley Bayes.

“A key element of the new scheme was to create an environment that was conducive to socialising, relaxing, eating and drinking. This included the ability to provide an external food and beverage offer.”

To this end, a large circular deck area, with an elegant, retractable, up-lit sail awning that provides year-round cover as well as an attractive night-time focal point, was designed to cleverly house a dedicated bar and barbecue area. Sparcstudio has achieved a cohesive and romantic ambience in the new garden through the inclusion of hidden niches and screening to create subtle private zones, including an exclusive members’ area.

“Escapism is a must at our spa and it really doesn’t matter what time of year it is, people love to spa outside,” adds Darren Dixon, Spa Manager “in October there can be 30-40 people enjoying the spa garden. The deck and new furnishings have allowed us to deliver a fantastic al fresco spa experience throughout the seasons.”

European Spa Magazine Oct/Nov 2015

Pennyhill Park

Pennyhill Park – European Spa Magazine (PDF of full article)