Sparcstudio | Aqua Sana, Forest Spa, Sherwood Forest

Aqua Sana, Forest Spa, Sherwood Forest

Building on the huge success of Aqua Sana Spa at Woburn Forest, Sparcstudio are the proud designers of the Forest Spa at Aqua Sana, Sherwood Forest.


Sparcstudio were given a clear objective by Center Parcs to upgrade and refurbish all core Aqua Sana World of Spa facilities at Sherwood Forest, whilst keeping the heartbeat of Aqua Sana firmly running through the veins of the brand. Sparcstudio were challenged to take the best from Woburn Spa, and continue to lead the way in spa innovation, with a mix of refurbishment, new experiences, innovative technologies and improved guest experience.


Sparcstudio believe they have achieved this and more, creating an entirely new and unique ‘Forest Spa’ brand which is inspired by the natural Forest setting.

The Forest Spa offers the ultimate in ‘Forest Bathing’ experiences and an intuitive and relaxing guest journey. Spa guests can now explore Hot Volcanic, Warm Tropical, Cold /Nordic & Hot Spring thermal Forest zones and immerse, meditate, bathe and relax in the Forest and Tree canopy.

“This isn’t just a refurbishment of our spa but an evolution of our brand, which is already one of the most popular spa concepts in the UK”

Sue Goddard, Group Leisure Manager, Center Parcs UK

“This new spa is both leading-edge and world class and our guests will be blown away by how unique it is…It will certainly send a shockwave around the spa sector and our competitors will have to up their game.!

Martin Dalby, CEO, Center Parcs Uk


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