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Our design

Sparcstudio is a privately-owned, creative, design studio that has established an enviable reputation for producing highly successful, creative and award winning Spas, Wellness/Fitness, Hotel and Resort facilities.

Our Designers and Architects pride themselves on delivering a personal and tailored service, and establishing long term relationships with our Clients.

Throughout the creative process we work very closely with our Clients, in order to understand their business ambitions, cultures and brands. This approach enables us to produce intelligent, considered and unique environments.

We apply a ‘bespoke’ design approach to every project and we always aim to create a unique product with a real ‘sense of place’, individuality and luxury.

We have an excellent knowledge of innovations in Hotel, Leisure, Spa & Wellness sectors, and our work can be experienced in the UK, mainland Europe and the wider World.

Our design is informed by an in depth understanding of what is needed to create amazing guest journeys and experiences that will surprise and delight.

Lighting design forms a key and integral element of our designs, and enables us to create atmospheric and theatrical spaces, that have ‘heart and soul’, warmth and light.

Our team

The Sparcstudio Team - Neil Fairplay - Beverley Bayes - Tom Howell

The Sparcstudio team is led by Owners/Directors Beverley Bayes, Neil Fairplay and Tom Howell.

As Creative Director, Beverley is the creative driving force within Sparcstudio. Beverley is passionate about Spa and Hotel design and has an intimate knowledge of Spa & Wellness operations and requirements, together with the latest trend and product knowledge within these sectors.

Neil is Sparcstudio’s Commercial Director, Design and Business Manager. As well as leading our design approach within the hotel, hospitality and wellness sectors, Neil also provides strategic thinking and design direction on all projects.

Tom Howell is Sparcstudio’s ‘Technical Director’. Tom oversees all architectural, compliance and technical design as well as leading Sparcstudio’s creative approach to lighting design which forms a vital element of our offer.

Our forward-thinking and dedicated staff have the experience, passion, dedication and knowledge to help deliver work we are really proud of.

We offer a bespoke and comprehensive design service with a real attention to detail (from the very first sketch to the final site dressing) with involvement from at least one of the Owners/Directors from the very beginning of a project to the very end.

We are all team players and work in a collaborative, inclusive way and can introduce a wealth of other like-minded specialists, consultants & experts to help deliver any project.

Delivering results

We strongly believe that good design is all about attention to detail, especially in challenging areas, such as pool areas and thermal suites.

We are passionate about creating schemes that really work operationally and our understanding of operational issues and practicalities drive our desire to achieve durable solutions that last.

Logical and inspiring space planning forms the bedrock of all our design schemes; vital to help enable Clients to deliver a really amazing experience for their guests.

Sparcstudio deliver beautiful, high quality and impactful designs which attract much press coverage and awards.

We are most proud of awards won, where business success is measured and above all, we are committed to seeing the businesses and brands we work with flourish, thrive and stand the test of time.